Brief History

The PNC Internal Audit Unit (SPI) was established on ………………… based on …………….., 

The Internal Audit Unit (SPI) of State Polytechnic of Cilacap is structurally under and responsible to the Director. The Internal Audit Unit (SPI) continues to adhere to the principles of being independent and objective, having integrity, professionalism/competence and confidentiality, unweaved by pressure from any party, and upholding the Auditor Code of Ethics in carrying out its professional duties.

The Internal Audit Unit consists of 5 (five) members with the following composition of expertise: (1) accounting/finance, (2) human resource management, (3) asset management, (4) law, and (5 ) administration aspect.


The Internal Audit Unit has the following vision:
Establishing the professional and independent Internal Audit Unit, providing more value and improving PNC non-academic performance, and overseeing the implementation of "Good university governance" to achieve PNC goals based on virtue, independence, and intelligence.


The Internal Audit Unit has the following missions:

  1. To carry out internal audit over management activities in all units within PNC, especially in the non-academic field (finance, assets, and personnel).
  2. To become a strategic partner for PNC management in providing more value to PNC non-academic performances
  3. To assist director for objective and qualified assessment of non-academic activities in each unit within PNC.
  4. To encourage the director board to improve the implementation of good university governance.
Duties and responsibilities

The Internal Audit Unit has the following duties and responsibilities during the auditing process:

  1. To establish policies for internal audit in non-academic fields
  2. To carry out internal audit over the non-academic aspect in education process
  3. To draw conclusions on the results of internal audit
  4. To report the results of internal audit to the Director
  5. To submit suggestions and/or considerations regarding the improvement of the management of non-academic activities to the director based on the results of internal audit.
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