Polytechnic of Cilacap was built on the idea and spirit of the Cilacap Regent in 2006 to provide opportunities for the Cilacap community to improve their standard of living through higher education levels that are in line with the Cilacap government program towards a Pro-Investment area.

Polytechnic of Cilacap was built 70% based on the grant from Dikti and the other 30% from Cilacap Local Regency in an area of 10 Hectares. With the permit from Dikti No.125/D/O/2008 on July, 8 2008, It manage 3 departments, including D3 Electronic Engineering, D3 Informatics Engineering and D3 Mechanical Engineering Programs.

On October 3, 2014, Polytechnic of Cilacap has officially changed its status to a state higher educational institution based on the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 102 of 2014, concerning the Establishment, Organization, and Work Procedure of the Cilacap State Polytechnic and was symbolically inaugurated together with other state higher educational institutions (PTNB) in Surabaya on October 6, 2014.
At the moment, State Polytechnic of Cilacap (PNC) manages 3 Departments and 6 Study Programs.

Departments at PNC :
  1. Department of Electronical Engineering
  2. Department of Informatics Engineering
  3. Department of Mechanical Engineering
Study Program :
  1. D-4 Environmental Pollution Control Engineering Technology
  2. D-4 Agro-Industry Product Development
  3. D-3 Electronical Engineering
  4. D-3 Electrical Engineering
  5. D-3 Informatics Engineering
  6. D-3 Mechanical Engineering


To improve the competence of students or graduates of the State Polytechnic of Cilacap, PNC has established institutions related to competence, including :

  1. Professional Certification Institute (LSP-P1) which is affiliated with the National Agency for Professional Certification (BNSP),
  2. Cisco Networking Academy
  3. MikroTik Academy PNC
  4. English Proficiency Test (EPT-PNC)

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