State Polytechnic of Cilacap is one of the vocational state higher educational institutions in Indonesia under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. Vocational character focuses not only on excellence in professionalism, expertise, discipline, but also link and match program between the institution and industries or corporations.

Producing forms of cooperation with various parties, which are mutually beneficial is one of the goals in realizing the vision of the State Polytechnic of Cilacap as a excellent vocational college. Therefore, with its potential, such as human resources, facilities and infrastructure, the State Polytechnic of Cilacap opens up opportunities for collaboration with all parties in various fields. So far, the State Polytechnic of Cilacap has played a major role in various collaborative activities.

State Polytechnic of Cilacap provides several certified trainings, including:

  1. Professional Certification Institute (LSP-P1) which is affiliated with the National Agency for Professional Certification (BNSP),
  2. Cisco Networking Academy,
  3. Mikrotik Academy PNC, and
  4. English Proficiency Test (EPT-PNC)

The publication of the State Polytechnic of Cilacap's profile is expected to be a source of information for the entire community and business partners at large, in order to accelerate future collaboration. Finally, hope this profile can be beneficial for all parties.

Cilacap, August 2021



 Dr. Ir. Aris Tjahyanto, M.Kom
NIP. 196503101991021001

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