Scholarship is an assistance as a form of appreciation for student achievement or in the form of tuition assistance with applicable terms and conditions for students who have financial limitations.

Scholarship applicant is someone who have been registered as students and need financial support for their tuition fee and education support costs,

Scholarship Awardee is Scholarship applicant that has been approved by the management and donor.

The management is PNC (PNC Directorate of Student Affairs/PAU Unit/Department) which manages the Scholarship.

Donor is the one who provide the Scholarship.

State Polytechnic of Cilacap offers several Scholarship namely :

a. Kartu Indonesia Pintar Kuliah Scholarship (KIP-K)

b. Ikatan Orang Tua Scholarship (IOM)

c. Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik Scholarship (PPA)

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